University of Delaware Computer Security Breach

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An undisclosed number of names, Social Security Numbers and driver’s license numbers stored in the University of Delaware Department of Public Safety computer server have been compromised. The department’s main records management system was breached with the intention of copying personal information.

According to James J. Flatley, UD director of public safety, “It appears that the intruders were interested in copying at least some of the information in the database, and therefore it is possible that information that could lead to identity theft is in the hands of an unauthorized person.”

After the discovery on April 8th, 1,076 letters were sent out to notify those individuals whose information has been compromised. Officials are not sure if any personal information was actually obtained by the offenders. The Delaware State Police and the FBI are investigating.

Source: UDaily – University of Delaware

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Written by MCruz on May 24th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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