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Wells Fargo Employee Data Stolen

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Wells Fargo sent a letter to its employees early this week warning “that a computer and data disk containing some of your personal information has been stolen” from an employee of an independent public accounting firm. The firm was hired to review Wells Fargo’s health and welfare plans.

The letter does not indicate how many employees were affected nor who was the accounting firm responsible.

According to the auditor, the data disk, which was stolen from the trunk of a locked vehicle belonging to one of their employees, included your name, Social Security Number and information about your prescription drug claims.

Wells Fargo is offering a free one-year subscription to a credit monitoring service. Employees are encouraged to call the HR Service Center if they have any questions or concerns.

A faxed copy of the notification letter can be found below:
Wells Fargo 1Wells Fargo 2

Source: Patricia from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

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LabCorp Facility Break-in Exposes Patient Data

LabCorp is notifying patients that a recent break-in at their Monroe, NJ location may have exposed their sensitive personal information. A computer containing patient data was stolen from its Prospect Plains Road sample-collection center.

LabCorp is in the process of identifying patients who may have had their names and Social Security numbers on a computer stolen from its Monroe Patient Service Center and notifying people by mail, said Pamela Sherry, LabCorp’s senior vice president of corporate communications.

Anyone affected by the breach may call the company at (800) 788-9091, Ext. 3925.

Source: Home News Tribune

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Hackers Accessed Consumer Data in AT&T Online Store

AT&T’s Online store was hacked over the weekend. Customers who purchased DSL equipment from the online store in the past are exposed to identity theft. Among the data stolen were credit card information along with other personal data.

AT&T Inc. said the system was hacked into over the weekend. The data of “fewer than 19,000 customers” were affected, the company said.

AT&T said it shut down its online store selling the high-speed Internet access equipment and would pay for credit monitoring services for the people whose files were accessed. The San Antonio-based telephone company notified the major credit card companies whose customer accounts were affected.

AT&T is currently investigating the cause of the breach and who was responsible.

Source: Houston Chronicle

Written by MCruz on August 30th, 2006 with 2 comments.
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Sovereign Bank Customers’ Data Exposed

Laptops stolen from vehicles contained personal data belonging to Sovereign Bank customers. A bank spokesperson declines to comment on exactly how many customers were affected by the breach.

Sovereign Bank is warning thousands of customers that their personal data may have been stolen along with three managers’ laptops taken earlier this month in Massachusetts.

Bank officials said fewer than 1 percent of customers in the New England and Mid-Atlantic area may have been affected, the Standard-Times of New Bedford reported.

Source: The Boston Globe Thanks to Patricia for the tip!

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Laptop Theft Exposes Belhaven College Employees

A campus mugging at Belhaven College results in an employee to give up their wallet and laptop computer. The laptop computer happens to contain personal information belonging to the college’s employees.

A laptop computer that contained the Social Security numbers of roughly 300 Belhaven College employees was stolen during a robbery on campus, officials say.

Belhaven College President Roger Parrott said Tuesday that the robbery took place on July 19 when a school employee was walking to his car after work. A man approached him from behind. The man took the employee’s wallet and laptop computer then fled.

Source: SunHerald

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USC Student Data Breach

About 6,000 current and former University of South Carolina (USC) students are being warned that they are at risk of identity theft. Their confidential information was accessed by a hacker last year.

A security audit this summer determined a university computer server was accessed from outside the system in September 2005.

School spokesman Russ McKinney says the intruder could have acquired a database used by the university post office that had the names, Social Security numbers and birthdays of the students.

Source: FOX Carolina

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