San Antonio Area Patients’ Info At Risk to Identity Theft

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Several personal personal computers and laptops were stolen from a regional office operated by the Hospital Corporation of America. This affects patients at Methodist Hospital, Metropolitan Methodist, Northeast Methodist and Methodist Ambulatory Surgery hospitals.

During a break-in at an HCA regional office, 10 computers were stolen, which held thousands of files listing unpaid bills from Medicare and Medicaid patients for hospitals in eight states. The records were required for government reports. The computers were stolen from a secured building, protected by keypad lock technology and video surveillance. All required a password for access. An analysis is ongoing, but law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have launched an investigation of the theft.

Data on the stolen computers included some patient social security numbers, and in a small number of cases, codes used by the government to identify patient groups.

To find out if you are affected, visit the Hospital Corporation of America site or call (800)354-1036.

Source: WOAI San Antonio News

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Written by MCruz on August 17th, 2006 with 1 comment.
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