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This site was created to keep an online record reporting all the personal data and privacy breaches and leaks occurring which could lead to credit card fraud or identity theft.

The list of institutions who have lost or stolen customer data is growing. We have taken precautions with our own confidential data. But there is not much we can do when our data is compromised when we provide it to businesses, employers or the government.

Private and confidential data losses occur more often than what is reported on TV. Many of the articles reported here rarely make the headline news in the paper.

How you can help. It’s possible that you may have been contacted by the entity who you trusted to protect your data well before you learned about it on here. If this is the case, help your peers so that they are aware of the possible risks. Send me the tip and the source so I can update this site accordingly.

This is site is updated often. All the latest news are reported on the homepage.

Please feel free to post comments or use the contact form to send me a message.

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