NY State Workers’ Information Lost

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A computer cartridge containing payroll information belonging to state employees was lost in transit from the state comptroller’s data center.

The employees, who work for a variety of state agencies, will receive a “dear employee” letter dated June 14 and signed by Assistant Comptroller Daniel C. Berry. The letter also includes generic information from state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s office titled, “Identity Theft: What To Do If You Have Been Victimized.”

In the letter, Berry said the payroll data, which contained names, salaries, Social Security numbers and home addresses, was shipped May 30 from the state comptroller’s data center in Rensselaer to the W. Averell Harriman State Office Campus in Albany “but was not received at its intended destination.”

Source: Albany NY News

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Stop & Shop Employee Data at Risk

Former Stop & Shop employees are at risk for identity theft. A laptop containing their names, birth dates and Social Security numbers recently disappeared from luggage checked-in on an airline flight.

The laptop, owned by Ahold USA, contains sensitive personal information such as employees Social Security numbers. It never made it to baggage claim and is believed now to have been stolen.

Source: Hartford Courant

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Texas Guaranteed Borrower Data Lost

Late last week, Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp.(TC) announced that personal data belonging to approximately 1.3 million borrowers may have been lost. The data was stored on a “piece of equipment” which one of their third-party contractors (Hummingbird Ltd.) had lost. It contained borrower names and social security numbers.

TG has setup a website with recommendations on how to protect those affected from identity theft.

Source: Yahoo! News (Thanks to Patricia for the news tip!)

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Hotels.com Customer Data Exposed

An employee of the accounting firm, Ernst & Young is responsible for losing yet another laptop containing 243,000 Hotels.com customer records. The laptop theft took place in Texas, it was stolen from the worker’s car.  The computer stored customer information used in purchases such as credit or debit card numbers.

“Recently, Hotels.com was informed by its outside auditor, Ernst & Young, that one of Ernst & Young’s employees had his laptop computer stolen,” Hotels.com told its customers in the letter. “Unfortunately, the computer contained certain information about customer transactions with Hotels.com, and other sites through which we provide booking services directly to customers, from 2002 through 2004.

“This information may have included your name, address and some credit or debit card information you provided at that time.”

Source: The Register

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M&T Bank Data Breach Notification Letter

Earlier this week I posted an entry about an M&T Bank customer who received a letter disclosing an information security incident. With her permission, I am attaching a faxed copy of the notification advising Portfolio Architect Account holders of what to do next.

In the letter to customers, M&T Bank is offering free membership to PrivacyGuard. They also suggest customers closely monitor their accounts for the next 24 months.

There are still open questions about where and when the theft took place. The number of accounts involved was never disclosed.

If you are affected by this breach and know any additional information, please leave a comment below.

MT Bank Letter P1of2MT Bank Letter P2of2

Additional facts:

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Millions of Veterans Data Exposed to Identity Theft

The Department of Veterans Affairs today announced that a computer containing personal, identifying data for over 26 million American veterans was stolen from a VA employee’s home this month. They have set up a site to help those affected by this data breach. The compromised data included names, social security numbers and the dates of birth. This is enough information for unscrupulous individuals to use for identity theft.

A VA employee took files home as part of department work on a data collation project to simplify some VA processes. Subsequently, someone broke into the employee’s home and stole the data. The career employee, a data analyst, was not authorized to take the files home, said VA secretary Jim Nicholson in a teleconference with reporters.

Update: There are currently two companies who are providing discounted identity theft protection for veterans, LifeLock and MyPublicInfo.

Source: Government Computer News

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