Gulf Coast Medical Center Loses Four Laptops

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Four laptop computers with personal information and Social Security numbers on nearly 10,000 Gulf Coast Medical Center patients were stolen recently in two separate incidents, a company official said.

Three laptop computers were stolen from a car in Texas in November, Gulf Coast Medical Center spokesman Rod Whiting said. Those laptops contained the names and personal information of 1,900 patients.

Another laptop was taken from a car in Tallahassee in February. That computer contained the names and personal information of 8,086 patients, Whiting said. “The information is password-protected, so it is highly unlikely that any data was accessed,? Whiting said.

[Pensacola News Journal]

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Deaconess Hospital Patient Info Missing

Authorities at Deaconess Hospital are notifying 128 patients that they could be the victims of identity theft.

Deaconess Hospital administrators are advising patients Tuesday night that their identity may have been compromised after a laptop, containing information on 128 patients, is missing and presumed stolen from the respiratory therapy department.

Source: 14 News

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Hackers Accessed Akron Children’s Hospital Computers

Two groups are potentially most affected — patients’ families and people who donated money to the hospital.

The patient information accessed by the hackers included billing information from office visits to doctors employed by Children’s Hospital. Those records contained personal information, such as Social Security numbers, but did not contain any medical or financial information, the hospital said.

The donor database included bank-account information and routing numbers, though it did not contain Social Security numbers. Credit card information attached to the donor files was encrypted and unreadable to the hackers.

More information about the security breach can be found on Akron Children’s Hospital website.
Source: Centre Daily

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Vassar Brothers MC Sends Follow Up Letters

Vassar Brothers Medical Center has sent out a follow up letter to help patients whose personal data was on a laptop computer stolen from the hospital in late June.

The letter, dated Aug. 16, says the hospital understands the difficulty patients have had in contacting the credit bureaus to place fraud alerts on their credit reports. “In an effort to ease this process for those who encountered difficulties contacting the credit bureaus, we have prepared a form in conjunction with Trans Union that can be filled out and sent back to Trans Union via U.S. mail,” the letter says.

Source: Poughkeepsie Journal Thanks to Larry for the story!

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San Antonio Area Patients’ Info At Risk to Identity Theft

Several personal personal computers and laptops were stolen from a regional office operated by the Hospital Corporation of America. This affects patients at Methodist Hospital, Metropolitan Methodist, Northeast Methodist and Methodist Ambulatory Surgery hospitals.

During a break-in at an HCA regional office, 10 computers were stolen, which held thousands of files listing unpaid bills from Medicare and Medicaid patients for hospitals in eight states. The records were required for government reports. The computers were stolen from a secured building, protected by keypad lock technology and video surveillance. All required a password for access. An analysis is ongoing, but law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have launched an investigation of the theft.

Data on the stolen computers included some patient social security numbers, and in a small number of cases, codes used by the government to identify patient groups.

To find out if you are affected, visit the Hospital Corporation of America site or call (800)354-1036.

Source: WOAI San Antonio News

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Patient Data Lost at Kaiser Permanente

Patients at Kaiser are being warned to be on the lookout for identity theft.

Kaiser is sending letters to 160,000 patients apologizing and warning that some personal information has been compromised.

The HMO explained that a laptop computer containing a database about hearing aid benefit patients was stolen from Kaiser headquarters in Oakland.

The missing data includes names, addresses, dates of birth, medical record numbers and the locations of clinics where patients receive care.

Source: KRA 3 News

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