Jackson Health System Employees Exposed

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Last week, 8,500 Jackson Health employees were notified that their personal information was stored on two laptops stolen seven months ago.

The computers, belonging to financial services provider ING, contained information gathered during a voluntary life insurance enrollment drive in December and included names, birth dates and social security numbers.

“We are relatively certain the computers were stolen for their hardware value and the personal information was not accessed,” said Chuck Eudy, a North American spokesman for ING, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ING is providing free credit monitoring service for a year for those who sign up.

Source: The Miami Herald

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NY State Workers’ Information Lost

A computer cartridge containing payroll information belonging to state employees was lost in transit from the state comptroller’s data center.

The employees, who work for a variety of state agencies, will receive a “dear employee” letter dated June 14 and signed by Assistant Comptroller Daniel C. Berry. The letter also includes generic information from state Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s office titled, “Identity Theft: What To Do If You Have Been Victimized.”

In the letter, Berry said the payroll data, which contained names, salaries, Social Security numbers and home addresses, was shipped May 30 from the state comptroller’s data center in Rensselaer to the W. Averell Harriman State Office Campus in Albany “but was not received at its intended destination.”

Source: Albany NY News

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Oregon Taxpayers Exposed to Identity Theft

Identities belonging to over 2,200 Oregon taxpayers were stolen by keylogging software installed on a state PC.

The breach was caused by a former Oregon Department of Revenue employee who was downloading pornographic material on the work PC.

The identities included Social Security numbers, names, and addresses, and were transmitted to an unknown hacker by the keylogger, said the Department of Revenue in an online FAQ. According to the DOR, its anti-malware filters didn’t pick up the Trojan because it was so new that anti-virus vendors hadn’t yet created detecting signatures.

More information about the incident can be found on the Oregon DOR site.

Source: InformationWeek

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AIG Customers At Risk for Identity Theft

A computer server was recently stolen from a Midwest office of American Insurance Group (AIG).  The hardware equipment contained names, Social Security numbers and medical records for 930,000 Americans.

The server contains detailed personal data from 930,000 prospective AIG customers, whose information had been forwarded to the insurance firm from 690 insurance brokers around the country. The potential customers’ employers were shopping with AIG for rates for excess medical coverage, the spokesman says, when they forwarded the personal data to AIG.

AIG has not yet notified any of the people whose personal data are on the stolen server. AIG security officials have been conducting a forensic analysis of the theft, and warned the 690 insurance brokers of the problem on May 26.

Source: MSN NBC

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Buckeye Community Health Plan Clients Exposed

Over 70,000 health plan members are at risk for identity theft.

The family recently received a letter from the Buckeye Community Health Plan, letting them know that several laptop computers were stolen from its Columbus headquarters.

The laptops contained personal healthcare information, including addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers of thousands of clients from Stark, Summit and Lucas counties.

Buckeye serves the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Affected members can call Buckeye at: 866-246-4358 for more information about this incident.

Source: Newsnet5.com

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CPA Organization Loses Member Information

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has confirmed today that it had lost a hard drive containing personal data belonging to its 330,000 members. It had been missing since February. The data contained names, addresses and social security numbers – the perfect recipe for identity theft.

The hard drive had been accidentally damaged by an AICPA employee and was sent out for repair to an external data-recovery service in violation of the AICPA’s policies, said Joel Allegretti, a spokesman for the New York-based organization. It was on its way back to the AICPA via FedEx but failed to arrive. Allegretti did not say when exactly the drive went missing except to note that the package containing it was due back at the AICPA “toward the end of February.”

The group is offering a year’s worth of free credit monitoring services. More information about the incident can be found on the AICPA website.

Source: Computerworld

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